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Miami Dance Movement is a blog inspired by and written for the Miami Dance Community. Get juicy intel and helpful tools. Created by Unmuted Brand Founder- Sonja Edel.

In a social media world where quantity beats quality, it’s important (now more than ever) to STAND OUT from the bunch...BUT HOW? If you know me, you’ve probably heard me say this many times, YET, I’ll say it again and again till the shift catches on.

YOU have the power to be your own brand and business, you have the authority to establish your own beliefs so others may stand by them, you have the ability to create your own products for others to enjoy. So now, the question really becomes...why would you sleep on that power?

I'm here to start a movement, I envision a collective of artists who believe in their unique potential, creators who want to stop relying on the "traditional business model" that for some strange reason we’ve questionlessly adapted to. I see a future where these talented individuals control their own outcome and drive their own income, without waiting for the next gig to come along. So...let’s get ahead while we can, let’s figure out how to brand your shit and let's start making money in new creative ways that empower US ALL.


First, we need to take everything we think we know, DELETE IT and start looking at it with fresh eyes. Let's begin with these primal parts:

a) Think of social media as free marketing tools

b) Think of your IG profile as a website

c) Think of the dance studio as a gym

d) Think of the gym as a training and recovery facility

e) Think of food as essential nutrition you neeeeed in order to outperform yourself and others

f) Think of stretching as your literal wellbeing

g) Think of your elders as mentors

h) Think of your dance instructors as school teachers

i) Think of brands, companies and influencers as potential business partners

j) Think of your talented friends as upcoming influencers you should be collaborating with

k) Think of the rate you get paid as a reflection of your value

l) Think of your value as a reflection of your talent and the time you've spent improving your skillset

m) Think of personal projects as gigs that pay you in value, experience, and inspiration

n) Think of your personal brand as the story you want to tell world and the mark you want to leave behind

o) Think of your drive and motivation as a result of your environment and daily routines

p) NO MATTER your age, gender, race, ethnicity, background, upbringing, physical or mental challenges, years of experience or inexperience- Think of yourself as a blank canvas with an endless array of possibilities!


Now, at this point you should be rethinking certain lifestyle ideals you may have grown accustomed to, perhaps for most of your life. If you're still reading then, my honest advice is: it's time to seriously start attacking the perspectives listed above...where do you see room for improvement?


  1. In order of priority, create a list of the TOP 3 perspectives you want to start changing

  2. Write down the MAIN REASON why you chose each one

  3. Write down ONE SOLUTION you can start implementing today to help rearrange the way you look at these things (do this for each of the 3 perspectives on your list)

  4. PRACTICE! Be consistent with your choices and practice these mental approaches every single day multiple times


1) Think of the gym as a training and recovery facility

REASON: I'm not inspired to workout

SOLUTION: I will start seeing myself as an athlete for both my dance career as well as for life in general, therefore I'll take steps towards my fitness routine because I want to be the BEST version of ME possible and perform at the highest level possible in anything I do.

2) Think of your IG profile as a website

REASON: I don't feel inspired to produce content for my page OR I just don't have time

SOLUTION: If my instagram is my website, if I want to make more $$, if I want to be respected and valued within my field...then I MUST prioritize making sure my website is On FUkn Point. At the least, it should showcase my true voice and potential.

3) Think of your dance instructors as school teachers

REASON: I'm not really learning much in class, I mean, I'm killin' the choreo but that's about it...

SOLUTION: Let me take a second to remember who were my favorite teachers/professors and why??? When it comes to MINDSET, LIFE and INDUSTRY, I will listen better and apply the valuable topics being mentioned in my classes. This way I can get more out of my time in class and find new things to work on beyond the dance studio.


According to Wikipedia: The process of personal branding involves:

  1. finding your uniqueness

  2. building a reputation on the things you want to be known for

  3. allowing yourself to be known for them

Ultimately, the goal is to create something that conveys a message and that can be monetized.

HOW DO I GET THERE? 🔥One thing I've learned in my 14+ years of experience working with international brands like Red Bull, Muscle Milk, World of Dance, Quest Nutrition, and Vixen Workout as well as touring with artists such as Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, Pitbull and Ozuna, is this: Creating a Brand starts from a solid foundation of beliefs, mindset, and vision. This is why (for today) I'll rest my case here. Hopefully you'll be back to resume this conversation on my next blog where I'll share more foundational action steps you can take to start bringing your brand to LIFE or giving it even MORE LIFE.


Hey - Thanks for the read, please share this with a friend who may need it ;) -Sonja Edel

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