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Founder & Managing Director, Unmuted Brand


A Virtual Book produced by Unmuted Brand. Readers are submerged into the tale of a demihuman character named SVENJA. Created, written and portrayed by Sonja Edel.

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Meet Sonja “La Makina”, a nickname appointed by the power team behind the scenes- producer Dimelo Felva and breakthrough artist Chesca. They say: “We call you La Makina because you never stop making moves!”, Sonja has a non-stop approach to life and highly productive work-ethic that is rarely matched.


A young Sonja from Levittown, Puerto Rico was breaking barriers early on, as the youngest dancer on Daddy Yankee’s cast she was part of the “Gasolina” World Tour which is historically credited for introducing the Reggaeton genre and iconic dance of Perreo to the world; this cast was key in establishing the genre as Global Phenomenon. She was the first generation of her family to relocate to the US in further pursuit of the American dream. In a matter of two weeks her mom emptied her life savings account and the two relocated to Miami, FL which jolted Sonja’s professional and artistic careers.


Sonja’s experiences touring and performing with Latin legends like Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Pitbull, Ozuna, Natti Natasha and Leslie Grace, as well as marketing and producing for brands like Red Bull, World of Dance and Twitch led her to build simultaneous careers in the industries of Music, Dance and Brand Marketing. All together which inspire her to continue operating to the max and staying focused on the trajectory ahead.

Today, in the process of launching her debut single “CANDY”, she intends to conjure every skill acquired along the journey so she may become a self-managed and self-built mark. As any creative artist in today’s world should, Sonja is heavily involved in the process behind the scenes; she cowrites her music, executive produces her music videos, and builds the brand strategy behind La Makina- because her goal is to reset the playfield not only for herself but for those to come.

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