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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

You may or may not know them but trust when I say, you should definitely- KEEP AN EYE ON THEM. They're active, they're training and their life IS the CULTURE and MOVEMENT.

As one of our city's veteran movers, I've not only seen what you know as "The Miami Dance Industry or Miami Dance Movement" unfold, establish itself and evolve for the last 15 years, I've also found myself in unique positions with the opportunity to help clear paths for dancers in our community, helping gain access to more work, more partnerships, better brand/business direction, better resources and unity within the different sub-cultures. I will go ahead and bluntly say that through key partnerships I've had the pleasure of either directly or indirectly influencing our Mainstream and Underground Community on the journey to become the beautifully imperfect machine it is today.

From when I first arrived in Miami- 2005 to now (PS: I'm 32 years old), I've experienced several exciting movements unravel. Some sustained, some evaporated but they all led to the special lifestyle we dancers benefit from today.

That said, this blog post is not for anyone's ego-fluffing, I can only hope this information spikes your interest in becoming a bigger part of today's Movement. Now let's get into the goodies!



Bboy and Program Director at BreakinMIA (South Florida's ONLY breakdance school). After traveling the world competing, he is now heavily involved in the development of our youth. PS: He's only 17! A quick dive into his IG will show nothing but Skills, Creativity, Athleticism and CONSISTENCY. Those are the true reasons why he's number one on the roster. In a social media world where quantity beats quality, I felt it important to set the tone and standard for the upcoming names.


Martial Artist, Bboy, Dancer, Choreographer, Movement Coach, Clothing Designer. He is heavily skilled and carries none of those titles lightly. Mykee is the first <Talent> we decided to take-on as an official UNMUTED ARTIST. Meaning, we represent him as his management and content development team. Catch his upcoming clothing endeavor called Miami Goes, as well as his latest work with worldwide recording artist Rosalia on the Savage X Fenty Show. He also hosts these secret freestyle sessions that meet at parking lots throughout the city. These are just droplets to give you a lil' taste of the MOVEMENT he's unintentionally building...or is it...unintentional?


At only 22 he is the Founder of BreakinMIA, a Monster Energy sponsored Bboy and holds multiple worldwide championship titles. His IG Bio says he's the blueprint of Breakin' but, looking at it from a wider lens, I'd say he's the blueprint for Dancers/Artists of our time and age. Zeku founded BreakinMIA because he felt it his responsibility to provide generations after him with a safe and professional environment where they could be properly educated on the positive core values of Breakin'. He's on multiple entrepreneurial journeys, has the most insane training schedule I've ever witnessed and holds himself to the highest standard. Straight up, the most self-driven human I've had the pleasure to meet, work with and call a friend.


Dancer, Choreographer, Freestyle Artist, Mother of 2 and Mental Health Advocate. Bianca's vibe is the best kind of contagious, her movements and energy are as distinctive as you'll find, and her inspiring words will fuel your passion without a doubt. Bianca is one of those dancers that will easily freestyle for an entire song if you let her. When her presence hits the floor everyone has no choice but to be captivated. If you're trying to further develop your freestyle or just be around a person that makes you feel motivated to BECOME more, then go catch her classes at Show Stopper Studio.


This is a fun one...Let's just say, watch out for Miguel! He only came onto the movement a couple of years ago and he's literally everywhere. I've seen him train in almost every class, style, and fundamental available to our community. Personally, I think he's the example of what a dancer who's looking to break into the Professional Industry/Movement should be doing. The best part is- his consistency goes well beyond the dance studio, you can catch him supporting or participating at events within the community, cypher sessions and more. This kid is literally a sponge and as a result his evolution is faster than any I've seen.


From my perspective, JP is the underdog you didn't even realize was competing. He catches you by surprise like...BAM! A pro-touring dancer with Ally Brooke, Bboy as part of iPhlow Crew and Head of Photography at Unmuted Brand. What many don't know is he's a huge creative contributor to the community behind-the-scenes. When it comes to building brands, he is no stranger. Having photographed, filmed, edited and created designs for most of our community leaders and dancers. Watch out for him not only in Dance but in Film and Photography as well. And hey, if you're looking to hop on a creata-chill mood, stop by one of his classes at Show Stopper Studio.


Experience musicality and HITS from the perspective of a 16 year old young lady with class and insane amounts of confidence...oh, and don't forget, a sprinkle of style. Gia a.k.a. Gigi is one of those humans that make you say "Wait, where did SHE come from?". Don't be fooled by the soft-spoken calm energy of a first impression, it will deceive you. Just take a quick look at her IG and see for yourself. WATCH OUT for this one!